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spnloverja [userpic]
Seeking Beta
by spnloverja (spnloverja)
at July 21st, 2016 (07:19 pm)

Title: Of Opulent Minds and Decaying Souls

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Seriel Killer AU

Pairings or Characters: None

Type of beta you'd like: Grammar, Spelling, and someone to kick me in the rear when plot fails me

Length: Multi-chapter - I've written about 5,000 so far but have no clue how far this will take me

Warnings: Mental Health Issues (Sociopathic Tendencies), Violence, Gore

Short Summary: Dean's sitting opposite him, green eyes peering at Sam’s face inquisitively. “You didn’t pull the trigger.”
“Not today.”
“But maybe one day?” The question is asked with no malice, just impassive inquisition and it, makes Sam feel cold all over.
“Not today.” The answer seems to satisfy his brother because he nods slowly and finally breaks eye contact to stare at his hands. They are stained with blood, practically coated in the stuff but Dean doesn’t seem concerned. He’s had blood on his hands for a long time.
“Why them Dean?” Sam wonders aloud and the question startles himself more than it does his big brother. He’s not sure why he asked. He learned a long time that the more he knew the more difficult it became to clean up the mess. To put the gun down. To walk through the front door. Dean shrugs nonchalantly. “They were home.”

Turnaround Time: This isn't for anything specific but I'm finally getting an AO3 account and I figured I should use it. Sometimes I bang out a couple chapters in a day and other times it take me a week to write a sentence.