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J2 + me

BB 2020

Hi everyone!

It´s the time of the year again and I need a beta for my (short) BB.

Is there someone out there who might be interested in checking my story?

You Should Be Writing

Beta Needed for J2 Reverse BB

Category of the fics you'd need beta'd: RPS, AU, horror

Pairing of the fics you'd need beta'd: Jensen/Jared, multiple supporting cast TBA

Type of beta needed: Anything you can give me, I will gladly accept! I'm usually pretty good with first drafts, they're very readable from what I've heard from previous betas, so it probably wouldn't take much. Just watching my tenses and every now and then I have a typo.

Length of the fic that needs a beta: Multi-Chapter - has to be at least 4k to meet the qualifications of the challenge. I tend to go above and beyond though, so I would say this will finish up around 15-20k

Turn-around time need for fic: October 27 is the final check-in day, so I'd like to have it back by then. Posting doesn't start until November though, so as long as I have it back by November 2, I won't be worried!

Contact Info: You can PM me here for my e-mail address.

Searching for a beta reader

Title: How it is meant to be

Genre: family

Pairings: None. 

Type of beta you'd like: Mostly grammar, spelling, advise ingeneral. English is not my first language

Length: one chapter, 2777 words. Just a short one

Short Summary: Centuries after the death of Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel still wanders the earth, unable to return to heaven.
Alone he travels the countries and grows to be a Myth.
Amongst Hunters rumours spread that there is a guardian.
Someone who helps when one is in desperate need, only demanding one payment. He wants to be listened to when he tells his stories. His tales of times long ago.
Times when legends were formed.

I am planning to write a longer fic, namely a crossover between SPN, Marvel and the Walking Dead. I search for a beta for that too, altough its not finished yet

Protective Sam

Need Beta, Please!

Title: Undecided; working title "Useless Confessions"
Genre:  Gen with past Wincest, Case fic, early seasons
Pairings or Characters: Dean, Sam, in-episode side characters
Type of Beta: Flow and readability.  How do men sound when they talk?  Dean voice especially? If there's anything you see that I missed
Length: Stand-alone, but part of a multi-chapter work.  This chapter only is for a mini-bang.  Around 7,400 words.
Short Summary: Kind of reading in-between the lines of the episode "Asylum".  How did the good Dr. Ellicott screw with Sam's head?  How does Dean react to it?  Basically just expounding on the episode a bit, looking at it from a different angle.

My posting date isn't until (Asexual Mini-Bang) isn't until the end of April or so, but the sooner I can get this fully edited and finished, the better.  The day after the final draft for this is due, the first draft for the Big Bang is due, so I'm on a fairly tight time table.  I'd love to be able to present a final draft to whoever does the art for it.

Thanks, so much.  Good luck on whatever it is you've got going, whether it's fandom related or not.
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Seeking Beta

Title: Of Opulent Minds and Decaying Souls

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Seriel Killer AU

Pairings or Characters: None

Type of beta you'd like: Grammar, Spelling, and someone to kick me in the rear when plot fails me

Length: Multi-chapter - I've written about 5,000 so far but have no clue how far this will take me

Warnings: Mental Health Issues (Sociopathic Tendencies), Violence, Gore

Short Summary: Dean's sitting opposite him, green eyes peering at Sam’s face inquisitively. “You didn’t pull the trigger.”
“Not today.”
“But maybe one day?” The question is asked with no malice, just impassive inquisition and it, makes Sam feel cold all over.
“Not today.” The answer seems to satisfy his brother because he nods slowly and finally breaks eye contact to stare at his hands. They are stained with blood, practically coated in the stuff but Dean doesn’t seem concerned. He’s had blood on his hands for a long time.
“Why them Dean?” Sam wonders aloud and the question startles himself more than it does his big brother. He’s not sure why he asked. He learned a long time that the more he knew the more difficult it became to clean up the mess. To put the gun down. To walk through the front door. Dean shrugs nonchalantly. “They were home.”

Turnaround Time: This isn't for anything specific but I'm finally getting an AO3 account and I figured I should use it. Sometimes I bang out a couple chapters in a day and other times it take me a week to write a sentence.

(no subject)

I’m from Iceland and I have a dyslexia. I’m writing my first two stories right now and I’m hoping to find someone to help my since english has a lot of different  grammar rules than icelandic.

I have already started posting them on fanfiction, livejournal and AO3 but people over there suggested that I get a beta.

Title: Dean’s Angel

Genre: Hurt/comfort, family

Pairings or Characters: None. but if the beta is willing to help it might turn into Destiel

Type of beta you'd like: Mostly grammar, spelling, pov. I wouldn’t say no to help with the plot or flow. Basically what ever you are willing to give.

Length: Multi-chapter - estimated number of words: I have no idea, it started out as a one-shot but now it’s a six chapters long.

Short Summary: Something happened to Dean when he was one-year old that ended with him seeing dead people. This story is about how seeing ghost helps Dean become a even better hunter and how he can hide his abilities from other people while unknown to Dean, the angel’s (mostly Castiel) try to find out what happened all those years ago.

Turnaround Time: I don’t know, I just try to write when I have the time, and if I get a beta then I wouldn’t rush them to finish looking it over.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6601756/chapters/15103552

Title: The half-brother

Genre: Hurt/comfort, family, Angst

Pairings or Characters: Hopefully Destiel and Sam/?, but I’m not sure how good I am at writing romance.

Type of beta you'd like: Again, mostly grammar, spelling, pov or/and flow. Basically what ever you are willing to give.

Length: Multi-chapter - estimated number of words: I have no idea,

Short Summary: High-school AU: John left when Mary got pregnant with Dean. Few years later he came back with a new family. Now, almost 17 years later, Sam and Dean learn what it means to be brothers. ( Inspired by One three hill).

Warning: Sam and John are assholes in the beginning, but won’t stay that way in the end.

Turnaround Time: I don’t know, I just try to write when I have the time, and if I get a beta then I wouldn’t rush them to finish looking it over.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6644332/chapters/15201313


RPS J2 AU Fic - Musicians :D

Hello guys o/

Category of the fics you'd need beta'd:
Slash AU J2 fic, it's a love story

Pairing of the fics you'd need beta'd (if applicable): Jensen/Jared and Chris/Chad

Type of beta needed: Basically grammar and phrasing, any intake about the plot is welcomed :)

Length of the fic that needs a beta: Multi-chapter on the writting, around 30k right now, but probably getting to 90k or 100k

Turn-around time need for fic:
Still gonna be writting it for a while XD

Contact Info: otaku.delira@gmail.com or you can message me here

Short Summary:
Jared is an amazing musician, viola player in an orchestra, but he is also the step son of Mark Sheppard, owner of Sheppard Inc. the richest real state developer in the country. Jared has his life mapped out for him: school, college, MBA. He always knew his stepfather plans for him intended a corporate life in the company, he just didn't expected it to come so soon. He now has to decide between breaking out of his shell of shyness and finally confront Mark, taking charge of his own life, or once again following the road chosen for him. Despite his past that decision will be affected by Jensen, a guitar player, with lots of confidence and swing. After meeting, the two man realize they share a great passion for music, life and each other. Jensen might be just the kind of person Jared needed to turn his life and his sense of worth around. Unfortunately, Mark is not the kind of guy willing to lose an investment that easily. The pair will count on the help of dear friends Chris and Chad, also musicians, and Alonna, a fierce journalist.

Warnings: There will be plenty sex scenes (consensual) and minor violence down the road.

Thak you guys
J2 + me

BB 2016

I just finished my BB and now I need a Beta.

So far the story has 35.850 words and is about refugees. J2 AU. NC 17, Dub-con, Non-Con

I won´t lie to you this is some work to do since english isn´t my native language I need help with the spelling and the frasing.

Anybody interested?
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(no subject)

Title: Angels Fall with Broken Wings

Genre: Hurt/comfort, canon divergence set in season four

Pairings or Characters: Dean/Castiel
Type of beta you'd like: Mainly I need someone to look over the spelling and grammar. My SPaG isn't terrible, but it would certainly help to have someone look it over. Any other comments are always welcome, of course. :)

Length: Multi chapter, ~5,000 words

Short Summary: When Castiel resurrects Dean, Dean is already a demon. He hopes that he made the right choice resurrecting Dean. He hopes the Righteous man will save the world, not bring it to ruin. Together they discover what it means to be human and what they mean to each other.

Note: This is not a dark fic. Dean is a demon, but not evil. Castiel is asexual and there is a discussion of sexual boundaries, but explicit content.

Turnaround Time: My posting date is May 25th. I know I shouldn't have waited to the last minute, but any help would be greatly appreciated. :)