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alexandernight [userpic]
RPS J2 AU Fic - Musicians :D
by alexandernight (alexandernight)
at May 24th, 2016 (11:46 pm)

Hello guys o/

Category of the fics you'd need beta'd:
Slash AU J2 fic, it's a love story

Pairing of the fics you'd need beta'd (if applicable): Jensen/Jared and Chris/Chad

Type of beta needed: Basically grammar and phrasing, any intake about the plot is welcomed :)

Length of the fic that needs a beta: Multi-chapter on the writting, around 30k right now, but probably getting to 90k or 100k

Turn-around time need for fic:
Still gonna be writting it for a while XD

Contact Info: otaku.delira@gmail.com or you can message me here

Short Summary:
Jared is an amazing musician, viola player in an orchestra, but he is also the step son of Mark Sheppard, owner of Sheppard Inc. the richest real state developer in the country. Jared has his life mapped out for him: school, college, MBA. He always knew his stepfather plans for him intended a corporate life in the company, he just didn't expected it to come so soon. He now has to decide between breaking out of his shell of shyness and finally confront Mark, taking charge of his own life, or once again following the road chosen for him. Despite his past that decision will be affected by Jensen, a guitar player, with lots of confidence and swing. After meeting, the two man realize they share a great passion for music, life and each other. Jensen might be just the kind of person Jared needed to turn his life and his sense of worth around. Unfortunately, Mark is not the kind of guy willing to lose an investment that easily. The pair will count on the help of dear friends Chris and Chad, also musicians, and Alonna, a fierce journalist.

Warnings: There will be plenty sex scenes (consensual) and minor violence down the road.

Thak you guys