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Loracine [userpic]
Dean/Castiel Big Bang fic in need of a beta
by Loracine (loracine)
at July 4th, 2016 (10:13 am)

Title: tba
Genre: Space AU, Alien!Castiel, Prisoner!Dean
Pairings or Characters: Destiel
Warnings: sex (The fic starts out with a softcore foursome scene that doesn't get very far. I might be including some heavy Destiel action later in the fic. It will not dominate my writing. I promise that there is plenty of plot.)
Type of beta you'd like: punctuation, grammar, and spelling; though I would gladly welcome any additional input offered
Length: 20,000

Short Summary:Castiel has been hiding from himself for a very long time. Each time he drops a convict off at the nearest lockdown he tells himself that they deserve it, even though the idea of a fair trial died out centuries ago. He ignores the guilt he feels when he finds a suitable vessel among the damned, when he bribes the guards to purchase it, and when he's walking away from his former bretheren laden down with credits while the vessel is led away to be hollowed out for use. They deserve it. He deserves it.

Megla, his first mate and epic pain in the ass only friend, has been searching for a Nazp'sad (a human vessel capable of a true bonding) without his knowledge. She is convinced that the right one will pull her Captain out of his decades long funk.

But, when they finally find Dean will he still be worth all the trouble?

Turnaround Time: October 1st, I'm writing this for the Dean/Castiel Big Bang and that is the first day of posting. I expect to have a 100% rough draft by the end of the month.

Contact Info: loracinewip@gmail.com